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We offer affordable and reliable aircraft maintenance software for your business.

You can integrate your aircraft into ASA-AMOffice© to stay up-to-date with respect to maintenance intervals and official instructions. Whenever there are new official instructions, information from manufacturers, or maintenance work that needs to be done, ASA-AMOffice© will inform you.

Serving all types of aircraft – from ultralights to large commercial aircraft to helicopters - ASA-AMOffice© currently satisfies the needs of more than 300 customers throughout Europe.

Request your test version today and get convinced of our flexible maintenance software.


You regularly receive an AD/SB overview and/or a work report containing all current data about your integrated aircraft. As a matter of course, the several components of your aircraft are covered as well. In order to access these documents on short notice, you can easily generate PDFs.

We currently offer:

  • EASA ADs

    FAA ADs (from 1965 onwards)

    French ADs (from 1965 onwards)

    Swiss ADs

    Canada ADs

    NfL II (from 1960 onwards)

    All German LBA ADs (from 1960 onwards)

    Many service bulletins and technical messages from various manufacturers

    All German TCDSs and EASA TCDSs

    and much more

Document search


ASA-AMOffice© comes with many standard forms (for example EASA Form 15b) that enable you to comply with the regulatory requirements fast and easily. Additionally, ASA-AMOffice© contains many supplementary forms that help you simplify the maintenance of your aircraft.

Overviews of service times, ADs and SBs or maturity restrictions can be created next to no time.

Operation Time Overview

Data updates

Weekly updates keep the document database of ASA-AMOffice© always up-to-date. This saves a lot of time you would otherwise have to spend on searching for new documents.

New data can be reviewed in the update protocol as soon as ASA-AMOffice© downloaded them from the server.

Update Log

Online Logbook

Our online logbook for transmitting logbook-data represents the perfect interface with your customers.

Whenever one of your customers updates the logbook, you automatically receive an e-mail ensuring you stay up-to-date at any time.

Click here to learn more about our online logbook!

Online Logbook

Tool Management

The tool management contained in ASA-AMOffice© makes it easier for you to follow your documentation obligations. You can enter uses and operational time for the tools you have created, so you no longer have to keep an eye on when which tool needs to be recalibrated. Furthermore, the overhaul and calibration of tools is monitored.

Expired tools are displayed on the main page.

Update Log

Electronic signature

Beginning with version 1.6.5, there is the option to save your signature within ASA-AMOffice© in order to sign various forms instantly.

With this feature, sending a signed form via e-mail becomes super easy, barely an inconvenience, because you won’t have to print it out, sign it by hand, scan it back in, and then send it, but rather you can sign and send it ASA-AMOffice© instantly.

Please note that this is not a digitial signature according to the PKI structure.


In addition to our own online logbook, we also offer an interface to LEON.

Leon is a flight scheduling software offering a web-based solution for sales, crew, ops and maintenance. You will also find fleet planning for flight schools and charter companies.

Leon's export feature makes it easy to import your current operation times into ASA-AMOffice©, so you do not need to keep the times twice or retype them in ASA-AMOffice©.

If there are any questions to import/export with Leon, feel free to contact us. If you have questions about Leon itself, you will find a lot of information and contacts on the Leon website.

LEON - Flight Scheduling Software

Leon Software logo

Available in German and English

You can change the language of ASA-AMOffice© at any time. Additionally, we offer all forms (if available) in German and English.

Available in English and German

System Requirements

To run our aircraft maintenance software ASA-AMOffice©, we recommend the following hardware

  Recommended system

2.5 GHz processor or better

Memory (RAM)

8 GB or better


Resolution of 1280x1024 or higher

Operating system

Windows 10/ 11 / Windows Server 2016 or better (64 Bit)

ASA-AMOffice© uses PostgreSQL as the standard database management system. This is a professional database management system that is completely free of charge and requires no licenses.

PostgreSQL is not limited in terms of hardware performance or database size.

PostgreSQL is an open source product, so for more information on PostgreSQL we recommend that you contact your IT provider or visit the PostgreSQL website.


Comparison chart



Test version*


Limited Aircraft Edition*


Full version

Create as many aircraft as you like
Create as many aircraft positions as you like
Monitoring of intervals
Operation Time-Overview
Work Reports

Import/ Export of aircraft/ forms


Synchronize with the online logbook (if ordered)
Support and assistance



Only a few documents to test

All ordered document types for all ordered aircraft

All ordered document types

AD/ SB Overviews

Restricted to test data

Regular document updates
Create more than one user
Use in network

* Limitations can be changed without prior notice.

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Limited Aircraft Edition

For smaller camos, flight clubs and aircraft holder, ASA Datec Datensysteme GmbH offers the Limited Aircraft Edition of ASA-AMOffice©. This version is limited to up to 9 aircraft and therefore much cheaper than the full version.

For companies or flight clubs with more than 9 aircraft, we offer the full version of ASA-AMOffice©.

Needless to say, customers who use the test version of ASA-AMOffice© can switch to the Limited Aircraft Edition of ASA-AMOffice© without any problems.

Request Limited Aircraft Edition

Through our online configurator, you can provide us the details of your aircraft. After this we will send you an offer based on your aircraft configuration. If you accept the offer, we will send you a licence key for ASA-AMOffice© and a basedata file with all booked documents for your aircraft, which can be imported in ASA-AMOffice. After this ASA-AMOffice will download regular updates to keep your documents up to date.

Test version

We offer a version to test ASA-AMOffice©. However, the test version does not cover all features of the full version and is limited in time.

If you opt for a full version of ASA-AMOffice© later on, an upgrade of your existing license is possible at any time. The data you entered with your former test version will be preserved. Please contact us for further information.

Note: For legal reasons you can request the test version of ASA-AMOffice© within Europe only. We ask for your understanding.

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